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Mufaddal Avenue, Godhara

This residential apartment in Godhra portrays simplicity and functionalism inside out. The staggered balconies, an outcome of a triangular plot, play a vital role in adding character to the facade along with being the source of light for the interior spaces. The subtle color palette is used to enhance the simplicity and form of the buliding. 
The four-storey apartment building has 2bhk apartments of 15 sq ft area each. The open design of the common areas gives compact apartment an airy and spacious look. Both the bedrooms have adjoining balconies to bring natural light and ventilation inside the rooms. For small and close-knot families, this apartment becomes their abode, full of warmth and togetherness. 


Rajiv K Nair

Project Type

Residential Apartment

Scope Of Work

Architectural Planning



Completion Year


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