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Rajai Square, Godhara

As the residents of Godhra had to go to nearby cities like Vadodara or Ahmedabad for leisure activities, the client, Kishor Rajai, had a vision to create a one-stop destination of entertainment and relaxation for the people of Godhra. This four-story commercial building of 71,000 sq. ft. built-up area on a plot of 20,847 sq.ft. was aimed to have a unique identity and become a landmark of Godhra. The extensive use of glass is done in the exterior with clear-cut lines to give the façade a modern character.The complex has different amenities for all age group of people to indulge in during free time. The user-friendly design of the complex makes it a point of attraction for the people.


The planning of the complex is done on a functional basis to channelize the flow and avoid discomfort of the visitors. The ground floor houses the Hero showroom of the client and there is a box office ticket booking space for the multiplex which is located at the top floor. The first floor has the offices of the client, complex administration area and a banquet hall with capacity of 400 people. There is a Game Zone for kids on the second floor which has carefully handpicked games and a 12D theatre with capacity of 20 people to give a unique experience to the visitors. The third and topmost floor has the multiplex which accommodates three screens where people can treat themselves with fresh doze of entertainment whenever they desire.


Kishor Rajai

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Architectural Planning and Interior Design



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