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" A Soothing Amalgamation of Home & Workplace. "


Dr Vishal Patel

Project Type



Godhara, Gujarat

Carpet Area


xxx Sq Ft




        Project Type

   Scope of work 


       Carpet area 

 Completion Year 

 Mr. Yogesh Katta            

 Residential & Showroom  

Architectural Planning & Interior Design

 Vadodara, Gujarat          

2995 Sq. Ft                   


This bungalow of 3000 sq ft carpet area is home for a family having business of kitchen home appliances. Originally from Jaipur, Rajasthan and belonging to a family which holds traditional values and incorporates them in their lifestyle, the client and his family wanted change. Their brief was simple: the house was to be an amalgamation of their office as well as residence while keeping it modern and functional.  


The whole project is tailor made for their family of three. The architectural planning has been done with Vastu Shastra principles. The core idea was to segregate the functions into different story emphasizing the work life balance and inter connectivity. The office and its utility area are on the ground and first floor whereas the above two floors hold the 3bhk residence area.  



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The exterior, with its neutral color palette and warm tones of earthy materials like exposed brick work and wood, is given a contemporary touch with clean and simple massing done using rectangles and squares.


Entrance Foyer

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Entrance Foyer

The common entrance foyer area with a serene Buddha statue welcomes the visitors.


The Buddha statue purifies the mind, builds up serenity in oneself and motivates to overcome the negative emotions, hence uplifting the mind of the people around it.


Its neutral colour palette and splash of rust colour in the form of wall cladding and upholstery

The stark contrast of black granite used in the flooring and wall cladding against the neutral tones and the vibrant hue of brick wall and upholstery of bench adds to the charm of the foyer.


The hanging lamps were chosen to add a touch of ethnicity to the foyer. 

The exposed brick clad feature wall was designed as a rustic backdrop for lord Buddha’s idol. 


The stark contrast of black granite used in the flooring,wall cladding against the natural tones, the vibrant hue of brick wall and the upholstery of bench adds to the charm of the foyer.


The Office

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The inclusive design gives a sense of oneness to the cabin and the display area through complete visible connectivity while also setting them apart using clear glass partition.

A similar material palette as entrance foyer has been used in the office area. The matte grey floor, concrete finish ceiling and walls along with exposed brick wall cladding gives the minimalistic raw look aimed by the design team. The simple and functional furniture design of the main cabin provides a clean and clutter free workspace for the owner.

Rather than using embellishments, the accomplishments and success of the client in his area of work are highlighted as a part of décor.


The customized metal front panel of the work desk was designed to showcase their scope of work, a functional element which gels with the raw ambiance of the office.


The Showroom

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The client had the requirement of a display area for kitchen appliances like chimneys, hobs, microwave and oven etc. The display area has major display of chimneys and hobs. The space is divided in two platforms made of wood to highlight all the appliances. The central platform can accommodate 6 sets of chimney and hob with 4 wall mounted chimneys and 2 island chimneys. The side platform can accommodate 2 sets of wall mounted chimneys and hobs. The drawers below the platforms provide ample amount of storage space. A standing unit in the corner is given for display of built-in oven and microwave.  The whole office area is designed as a single space and given minimalist look by keeping the decor simple and minimum. 

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Following the simple and functional design concept in this 3bhk residence as well, it has been given a contemporary yet homely feel. Throughout the residence, neutral tones and pop of colours create a visual symphony that keeps the eyes engaged yet relaxed. The color palettes have been influenced by the impact they have on human psychology.


 Living room

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Living room


The living room features splashes of vibrant colors in the form of upholstery, wall accents and artefacts and the contemporary yet simple furniture design, both coming together to create a tranquil and welcoming abode.


Kitchen and Dining

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Kitchen & Dining area


A kitchen makes the heart of any home. The open design of the kitchen provides a clutter free environment which incites efficiency and flexibility. The look of the kitchen is kept modern and minimal with striking black worktop and neutral tone of grey in the cabinet shutters and backsplash.


The compact dining area is given a cozy feel by using earthy materials and a color palette influenced from the nature.

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Bed rooms & Baths

The house has 3 bedrooms with earch having an attached bathroom.

Each bedroom of the house has been given adequate attention for function, design and taste.

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