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White House, Vadodara

White House is a luxurious apartment building proposed by client Mr. Safibhai. It is located at Vadodara on a 35,866 sq. ft. corner plot. 2bhk apartments, four apartments per floor, spread across 10 floors and a penthouse on the top floor makes up this apartment building.

The vertical and horizontal clean geometrical planes and curved sides make up the façade. The pristine white colour and absence of embellishments give the building a minimalist contemporary character.


The living areas and bedrooms were designed with full height glass doors leading to balconies facing the main road, resulting in ample amount of light and ventilation inside the apartments throughout the day. The spacious design of the apartments gives the clients their desired abode.


Safibhai Fruitwala

Project Type

High  rise Apartments

Scope Of Work

Architectural Planning



Completion Year



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